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150 Cal
Healthy juices that are easy on the palate! #JuicingforBeginners
Ayong’s Homemade Recipe
Pickled Mangoes & Baked Sushi product
Baked Crumbs
Baked Crumbs is born out of passion and love for granola. We want to make eating healthy taste enjoyable. We made sure that our Homemade Granola are always baked fresh one day before we send them out for pick up. Only premium ingredients were used to ensure the quality of our Homemade Granola. One of the things we take pride of is we use only Pure Raw Wild Dark and Organic Palawan Honey that is uncultured, unpasteurized & unheated. It has 20 times more antioxidant and vitamins compare to the processed ones. Dark honey contains protein and minerals, especially iron, way more than light colored honey. Try our Homemade Granola and see the difference. 
Bee Harvest Manila
Bee Harvest Manila distributes some of the finest, pure, raw honey collected from the wild. As such, we do not fail to recognize and appreciate the hardest working members of our team: the honeybees! This is why we work closely with local beekeepers and bee hunters and equip them with sustainable harvesting practices to protect the bees and their colonies. Responsible harvesting = happy bees = delicious honey for everyone. So, for every Bee Harvest Honey you purchase, you help locals thrive. Let’s all support local businesses and live out a healthy, happy lifestyle in what we consume and in what we do for each other.
Blessed Hope Online
We started food trading in the 80s under the name, Imperial Food Products, catering products like Dried Mushroom, Black Fungus, canned goods, starches, sauces, and condiments to different Chinese restaurants & groceries in Binondo and Banawe.
Chop House
Chop House Meat Products are quality food items that come in a wide variety of meat and fish concepts. This makes for meals that are convenient yet fulfilling. 
Eat Organico
Health Food Store that brings you 100% Organic and All Natural Healthy Food and Snack alternatives.
Ecofinds_ph advocates urban gardening and growing our own food by selling seedlings, pots, soil, fertilizers as well us indoor plants etc. Ecofinds offers ecofriendly items and homemade organic products as well.
Figgs Kombucha
Figgs Kombucha is packed with good bacteria and healthy organic acids to give you A Good Gut Feeling to start your day!
Fort Juicery
Cold-Pressed Juices. 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables.