Sellers' Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

What are details required to upload products?
Product name, image, a short description, price, discounts if any, number of items in stock, minimum order quantity, and maximum order quantity.

What if I have an existing delivery method?
If you have an existing delivery method, you can use it and set a different delivery fee.

What are the cost implications if FreshGarten will do deliveries?
No cost on your side. The customers pay for delivery, and it will be included in their total amount due.

What are the details I need to prepare or provide in terms of shipping method and schedule?
- Do you have your own delivery service or you prefer to arrange pick-up and delivery through us?
- Shop operating hours - are you open for delivery every day?
- Do you have same day or next day delivery?"

I do not know how to edit the images. What are my options?
We are offering store set up service for our Trailblazer members, free of cost. As part of this, we will help you:

-Upload products
-Edit images
-Set up shipping details and delivery details
-And any other related assistance

Are the delivery fees shouldered by the customer, how does that work?
Yes, the delivery fees are shouldered by the customer. You have an option to offer free delivery above a specific amount, or within a specific location, etc for your products.

What if the sales didnt go through your page, can we still avail the delivery service?
We allow delivery service only for sellers who sell on our platform, and for sales completed through the platform. As the process is automated, we will track all the orders on the platform and schedule delivery accordingly.

Is there a monthly fee?
We have different plans for sellers, where the platform fee varies according to the plan you choose (which should be dependent on the number of products you have). You can view the plans here

What about the scheduled delivery?
The buyer can schedule the delivery date. There is a calendar at the checkout page where they can specify their preferred delivery date and time. However, you as the seller can specify the days when you are able to deliver the items. You can specify whether the products will be ready only 2 days after receiving order, or only on specific dates, or within the specific time frame.

Do you have same-day delivery?
Yes, we can set up same day delivery as well, if you have the items ready in stock and if you'll be able to get it ready for shipping soon after receiving the order.