Dark Wild Honey, 250ml

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The wild bees also called for its native name, “PUKYUTAN”. Also known for its two subspecies (APIS DORSATA and APIS BREVILIGULA) for its white / black stripes in the abdomen. These foraging bees are 2 cm long and flies high at quick speed between flowers to colonies. The “furry body” which helps them gather and spread pollen. Their legs are the “pollen baskets”that carries the pollen to the colony. These bees, are usually found in the wild, hanging by trees, or even cliffs. 

A colony makes large combs, and the bees usually bigger that covers the entire hive. Pukyutan honeybees can survive and exist in a tropical and healthy environment. Almost 75% of crops and plants are (foraged) and pollinated by bees. The only time they sting or attack is when their colony is attacked.


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